5 Diabetes Symptoms in Women That You Should Watch Out

What are the common diabetes symptoms in women? Nowadays, we cannot deny that many people have started to concern about this health problem since the number of people who have this problem is getting more. The worse is diabetes symptoms are sometimes too subtle that you might not recognize it at first.

Top 5 Must-Know Diabetes Symptoms to Be Aware Of

When most women are at risk of gestational diabetes, a type of diabetes which only happens to a pregnant woman, they are also at risk to the other types of diabetes. While type 1 diabetes is less common, type 2 diabetes can always come to anyone. Then, what are the warning signs you need to be aware of?

You need to use the toilet all the time

One of the most obvious diabetes symptoms in women is a need to use the toilet all the time. When there is excessive sugar coursing throughout your bloodstream, the body automatically tries to remove it by losing high-volume of urine. If you find you are suddenly peeing often and a lot for no reason, consider meeting your doctor.

You cannot stop drinking water

With all that peeing, you probably get dehydration as a result. Signs of dehydration caused by diabetes include a drop in weight, extreme thirst, and dark-colored urine. This is one of the other common diabetes symptoms in women that make it necessary for you to meet your doctor when you notice it happen to you.

Your breath smells bad

Dehydration affected by diabetes usually contributes to dry mouth. This condition then can be followed by bad breath. This happens because there is not sufficient spit to wash away bacteria in your mouth. When the problem is left uncontrolled, it can trigger ketosis which can make your breath smell obnoxiously fruity or sweet.

Your vision is getting blurry

Another one of the most common diabetes symptoms in women is a blurry vision. This diabetes symptom is often neglected even though it is a common warning sign. This condition happens because fluid can build up in your eyes’ lens when your glucose levels improve. Luckily, getting your levels of blood sugar under control can help.
Your bruises and cuts take forever to heal

Lastly, people with diabetes will usually find that their bruises and cuts heal slowly. Decreased sensation in extremities can result in your body more prone to injuries. In this case, you probably do not notice a cut since you cannot feel it. The worse is this one of the diabetes symptoms in women is hard to heal.

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