Hyperthyroidism in Men: Symptoms and Impacts

The thyroid is a small gland with a butterfly-like shape. This gland produces thyroid hormones that work for the body's metabolism. If thyroid hormone levels increase above normal, most likely will affect body function in both men and women.

An increase in thyroid that exceeds the normal limit has the term hyperthyroidism. In men and women, symptoms are generally almost the same.

However, specifically men also have their own symptoms so we have to find out in order to be alert. If the body has hyperthyroidism, good treatment can be done immediately.

Common Signs Of Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism in men and women has the same common symptoms. Here are some types of symptoms that often appear and must be watched out for.

·         It's often difficult to sleep at night. Even though the body feels tired and sleepy, it is difficult for the body to reach the sleep phase.
·         The heartbeat goes very fast.
·         Significant weight loss. Even having eaten as much as anything the body still has difficulty being fat or muscular. Weight gain runs very slowly.
·         Often feel uncomfortable like nervousness even though initially there were no problems with the body and mentally.
·         Often feel tired even if you don't do activities that are too heavy.
·         Often offended and the mood difficult to control.
·         The body will often sweat even if it does not carry out activities that are too strong and only works at the computer. If you are in the room rather hot, sweat will come out very much because the metabolism in the body runs very fast.
·         Sensitive with temperatures either hot or cold. When touching a glass with a rather warm temperature it will feel hot so that a man cannot stand it. Apart from objects that are too hot or cold, they can also cause problems.
·         Muscles become so weak that they are often not strong when lifting something.
·         The body often vibrates or has tremors.
·         Frequent bowel movements because movement in milk runs very fast.

Special Signs Of Hyperthyroidism In Men

Meanwhile, a special sign of hyperthyroidism in men consists of several things below. Look carefully to see if the sign has ever appeared or often appears on the body or not.

·         Decreased testosterone levels. An increase in thyroid hormone can suppress male sex hormones massively so that the possibility of sexual problems will be large. Decreasing testosterone also affects many bodily functions not only sexual problems, but also muscles, heart, and other organs.
·         Under certain conditions can cause erectile dysfunction. This condition makes sex ability in men decline. This erectile dysfunction does not appear in all men. Most men can still get an erection and have sex with a partner without interruption.
·         Muscles in men will continue to go down and be trained as hard as anything in the gym will be difficult to rise. Some men may use supplements to help increase muscle mass, but their abilities are not significant.
·         Makes bones become porous so the chances of osteoporosis will be large. If this condition occurs, men will be prone to fractures.
·         Decrease in sperm count and quality also dropped. This condition causes men to be infertile and have difficulty getting offspring.

Causes Of Hyperthyroidism In Men

Hyperthyroidism or abnormalities of the thyroid gland in producing lots of hormones do not just happen. There are many causes or triggers that can occur in men.

·         Graves' disease. The main cause of hyperthyroidism in men and causes problems in the body. This disease is an autoimmune type that causes the immune system to attack the thyroid gland. This condition often occurs in men aged 30-50 years.
·         The appearance of nodules or swelling in the thyroid gland.
·         Plummer disease. This disease occurs in men and generally in women over the age of 50 years.
·         Thyroiditis or inflammation that occurs in the thyroid gland. This condition keeps the glands from secreting lots of hormones.
·         Too much iodine or iodine from food or medicine used. Iodine does prevent swelling and mumps appear, but if excessive can cause hyperthyroidism.

Treatment Of Hyperthyroidism

Treatment of hyperthyroidism is slightly different from hypothyroidism. If someone has hyperthyroidism, they just use thyroid hormone therapy enough.

Hormone needs can be met and the body does not experience problems. Conversely, if hyperthyroidism, handling a little difficult.

The way most doctors do to deal with this problem is to use several of these methods:

1.      Antithyroid drugs.

This drug is used to reduce the amount of thyroid produced by the gland. Eventually the number of hormones shrinks and the body's condition will improve.

Decreasing muscle mass to reproductive disorders will improve slowly. The most commonly used antithyroid drug is methimazole or other according to a doctor's prescription.

2.      Surgery on the neck.

This surgery is done to remove some parts of the thyroid. By removing a number of glands, the chances of experiencing an increase in number will be low.

Surgery performed on the neck is very risky. One of the risks that will be experienced by sufferers is a disorder when breathing and talking.

3.      Therapy using radioactive substances.

This therapy is done by giving radioactive substances such as iodine-131 from the mouth. This substance will kill several cells that produce large amounts of thyroid. This therapy is widely practiced throughout the world and usually will not heal once.

Thus reviews of signs of hyperthyroidism in men and their effects. Hyperthyroidism is a very dangerous condition and can cause many problems.

If you feel you have symptoms of hyperthyroidism, it's a good idea to immediately seek treatment from a doctor so that the impact is not severe.

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