5 Healthy Foods for Patients with Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer has become a byword of many people, especially after causing death to the designer and director of Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. A disease that is often present without being known by the sufferer is indeed more eyeing for men, although it does not rule out the possibility to occur to women.

Related to pancreatic cancer, Dr. Nadia Octavia, a health expert, said that the cause of the disease is still unknown.

However, there are several risk factors that increase a person's chances of experiencing it. The intended risk factors include:

·         Smoke
·         Obesity
·         Age
·         Gender
·         Genetics
·         Type 2 diabetes
·         Unhealthy diet

Food For Patients With Pancreatic Cancer

There are several healthy foods that are highly recommended for consumption by patients with pancreatic cancer. Some of the foods in question are as follows:

1.     Various fruits and vegetables

Reporting from Healthline, foods that are high in antioxidants are the best for patients with pancreatic cancer.

For this reason, the World Cancer Research Fund International recommends that pancreatic cancer sufferers eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

For fruits, berries, oranges and other high-antioxidant fruits, it is the best choice. As for vegetables, types of green leafy vegetables such as spinach are the best.

The Vegetables that you consumed should be cooked first by steaming or boiling. This is done so that the digestion of pancreatic cancer sufferers do not overwork, and to avoid a variety of harmful bacteria.

2.     Nonfat protein

Pancreatic cancer sufferers also need an intake of lean protein to boost their immune system. In addition, lean protein can also help repair damaged body cells and tissues.

As for some types of lean proteins that can be found easily and are not difficult to digest, including eggs, peanut butter, tofu, fish, and poultry meat.

3.     Complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates rich in fiber do not increase blood sugar levels as fast as simple carbohydrates. So, pancreatic cancer patients can get high energy intake without having to worry.

Complex carbohydrates also contain B vitamins that are good for improving the health of cancer patients,

A variety of complex carbohydrates that can be enjoyed, such as potatoes, peas, beans (not fried), oatmeal, and brown rice.

4.     Green tea

In addition to water and fruit juice, pancreatic cancer patients are also advised to consume green tea. Because this type of tea contains high polyphenols that are anticancer.

According to Dr. Karin Wiradarma, besides being beneficial for cancer patients and good for people with heart disease, antioxidants contained in green tea can also improve the health of people with Alzheimer's and are antimicrobial.

5.     Healthy fat

The body of cancer patients still needs fat. However, the type of fat needed is healthy fat, not trans fat as found in fried foods.

Healthy fats are useful for supplying energy and helping to maintain the body's core temperature. Some good sources of healthy fats to consume, namely olive oil, non-fried beans, and avocados.
Foods that must be avoided

People with pancreatic cancer should avoid a variety of foods, such as red meat, processed meat, oily foods, trans fats, and deep-fried foods.

In addition, alcoholic beverages, foods, and beverages that are high in sugar, and foods that are empty of nutrients, aka only contain simple carbohydrates and are processed with various flavors and dyes must also be avoided.

Because the type of intake will only make the digestive system disrupted and worsen the condition.

Patients with pancreatic cancer such as the late Karl Lagerfeld must pay attention to all food and drinks consumed every day. If this is not done, it is not impossible that the cancer cells will become more malignant to gnaw at him from the inside.

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