21 Types of Drinks and Foods that Cause Acne

For facial acne sufferers, sometimes eating certain foods becomes a dilemma. It's hard to resist the delicacy of the food, but don't want pimples to appear on the face after consuming it.

Is there really a drink and food that causes acne? Check out the list and the following facts, let's go!

Drinks and Food Causes Acne

The appearance of zits can indeed be caused by several factors, one of which is the drink and food we consume.

If you want to avoid acne, here is a list of drinks and foods that cause acne that you may have to avoid!

1. Chocolate

Chocolate as one of the causes of acne has indeed been trusted by many people since long ago. This is because most processed chocolate contains a lot of sugar so that these foods can cause acne. Increased blood sugar can increase the hormone that causes acne.

2. Candy

The second food that causes acne is candy. Just like chocolate, candy is also a cause of acne because of the high sugar content in it. It can even be said that the sugar content in sweets is higher than chocolate because indeed sugar is the main ingredient of candy.

In addition to increasing the hormone that causes acne, foods with high sugar content can also damage the work of collagen and elastin so that the skin can decrease elasticity and aging symptoms can appear faster.

3. Peanuts

For some people, peanuts are one of the foods that cause acne, which must be avoided. The peanut in question is peanuts because peanuts are the most common beans found in food. Even so, many people are sensitive to other types of beans.

4. Soybeans

Besides peanuts, soybeans can also be a trigger for acne. Soybeans are also very common because they can be processed into various foods ranging from tofu, tempeh, to soy milk. If you are sensitive to this one bean, it's better to reduce its consumption.

5. Pasta

The food that causes acne is pasta. This Italian food has very many types and can be processed into a very diverse menu. This type of food has a high gluten content so it can trigger acne.

6. Bread

Bread is a food that is commonly consumed to prop up the stomach or is best used as a breakfast menu. Unfortunately, bread can also be food that causes acne. Just like pasta, bread also has high gluten content.

7. Cereals

Besides bread, cereal is also a food that is ideal as a breakfast menu. But just like bread and pasta, cereal also turns out to have a high gluten content so you should watch out for those who are prone to acne.

8. Fried Food

Frying food and pimples are difficult to separate. Many have proven that consuming foods that contain lots of oil also has the potential to increase oil production on the face. Excess sebum is indeed one of the causes of acne.

9. Potato chips

Who doesn't like potato chips? This one food is a snack that is loved by almost everyone. Even though it tastes good, you need to be careful because potato chips are not a healthy snack and are one of the foods that cause acne. This also applies to french fries or french fries.

10. Pizza

This one food is best enjoyed when gathering with friends and family. Pizza has basic ingredients like bread. In addition, pizza also has a high-fat content derived from the topping. No wonder if pizza is included in the list of foods that cause acne.

11. Instant noodles

Instant noodles have a delicious taste and can be addictive. Although the delicacy is no doubt, the danger of instant noodles for health has also been proven. Causing acne is also one of the dangers of instant noodles because instant noodles also have high gluten content and of course high preservatives.

12. Cheese

Cheese is one of the most popular dairy products. Did you know that it turns out dairy products can trigger acne? Yes, processed dairy products can actually trigger oil glands to produce more oil so they can cause acne.

13. Ice cream

Ice cream is not much different from cheese, because it is also a product made from milk. Consumption of ice cream can indeed reduce stress, but for some people, ice cream can also be one of the foods that cause acne.

14. Junk food

Many people equate junk food with fast food, but actually, both have differences. Junk food is part of fast food, the difference is that junk food is fast food with almost no nutritional content at all, while there are still nutritious fast foods.

Junk food is high fat, cholesterol, salt, and preservative food. Foods like this are certainly dangerous for overall health and are very likely to cause acne.

15. Pork meat

The food that causes acne is pork. Not much different from some of the previous foods, pork called the food that causes acne is also caused by high-fat content in pork.

16. Chicken Meat

In addition to pork, chicken also needs to be aware of as a food cause of acne. Eating chicken parts such as the skin or wings needs to be watched out for because of the high-fat content. In addition, broilers who sometimes get hormone injections are also considered as one of the hormone causes of increased acne.

17. Eggs

Eggs are one source of protein that is very easy to get. The specialty of this egg is apparently not suggested by everyone. Some people actually feel reactions like zits and even boils after eating eggs.

18. Spicy food

Lovers of spicy food must be vigilant because it turns out spicy foods can also cause acne. Spicy foods can improve blood circulation to the face which can trigger acne. In addition, digestive disorders caused by spicy foods can also often trigger acne.

19. Fruit with high sugar content

Can fruit cause acne? Some fruits do have a high sugar content so they need to be avoided so as not to aggravate the condition of acne. Fruits with high sugar content are like oranges, bananas, pineapples, watermelons, and also mangoes.

20. Soft drinks

In addition to foods that cause acne, there are also causes of acne. All types of soft drinks can make acne worse. Sodas contain high sugar and aspartame which can aggravate inflammation in the body.

21. Coffee

The next cause of acne is coffee. The caffeine contained in coffee is the cause. Caffeine can trigger the production of the hormone cortisol. The release of this one hormone in the body can actually trigger acne.

Food Causes Acne, Myth or Fact?

Until now, many have wondered, can food and beverages really cause acne? Some argue that this is a fact and some consider this to be a myth. Basically there are indeed foods that cause acne, but certainly, not everyone reacts to the foods mentioned above.

Generally, the food that causes acne will affect the owner of acne prone skin and does not react to normal skin owners. Everyone certainly has a different sensitivity. Also note that there are many other factors that affect acne such as hormones, lack of skin hygiene, and stress.

It's important to recognize whether your face is sensitive to certain foods or not, so that acne can be avoided.

If the food does not have a negative effect on the body, it means that the food is not a problem if consumed. Of course, not only zits are used as a measure, but also the effect of these foods on your overall health.

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