11 Benefits of Cabbage for Health

Although cabbage is a vegetable, it can trigger flatulence, but there are several health benefits of cabbage that will surprise you.

Therefore, do not rush to avoid cabbage because you will lose the efficacy of cabbage which is very good for your body's health.

Read on to get to know more about cauliflower vegetables, the nutritional content of cabbage, some of the benefits of cabbage for body health, and other information through the explanation below.

What Is cabbage?

Cabbage is a vegetable that belongs to the type of cruciferous vegetables or coal plants. The Latin name of the cabbage is Brassica oleracea L. Cabbage plants belong to the genus Brassica and the family Cruciferae.

The community also knows cabbage with another name, cabbage. There are various variants of cabbage based on color, including green, purple, red and white. All of the cabbage variants have benefits that are impressive to health.

Nutrient Content Of Cabbage

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, and others do have many health benefits.

This is because the cruciferous vegetable group is rich in nutrients that are very important for the body. The various properties of cabbage are inseparable from its nutritional content.

There are various nutrients contained by cabbage plants. Some of the nutrients from cabbage include protein, fiber, vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B9 (folate), vitamin A, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, and others.

Benefits Of Cabbage For Health

Behind the gas it produces, it turns out cabbage vegetables have various benefits for the body.

These various cabbage benefits can improve your health and even prevent various types of diseases.

The following are some of the properties of cabbage for the body:

1. Improve the immune system

Benefits of cabbage can improve the immune system. This is because the content of vitamin C is in cabbage.

The content of vitamin C in cabbage makes cabbage plants including plants that are rich in antioxidants.

Antioxidant substances in cabbage plants are also useful for the body's detoxification process.

Other properties of cabbage through its antioxidant content is to remove poisons from the body. The blood in the body will be clean because it is free from toxins.

2. Treating inflammation and infection

Inflammation and infection are commonly experienced by many people. Do not be too quick to take chemical drugs to treat infection or inflammation.

The benefits of cabbage were able to treat inflammation and infection.

The content of sulfur and glutamine in cabbage has strong anti-inflammatory properties. The benefits of cabbage can be to relieve muscle pain, joint pain, irritation, and others.

In addition, cabbage is also efficacious for treating infections because it can fight microbes that cause infection.

3. Improve the health of the digestive tract

Health conditions of the digestive tract greatly affect the health of the body. A healthy digestive tract can maintain a healthy body and vice versa.

If the digestive tract has a problem, the body will also experience some problems.

The benefits of cabbage can be to maintain and improve the digestive tract. Although cabbage produces a lot of gas but the efficacy of cabbage for the digestive tract should not be ignored.

Cabbage is rich in fiber and other nutrients. These substances can overcome the problem of constipation and improve bowel movements.

4. Maintain heart health

It might not be thought of before by you if the cabbage is effective in maintaining heart health. Cabbage plants contain polyphenols which are quite abundant.

The content of polyphenols can reduce LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.

As is known that LDL cholesterol is bad cholesterol that can threaten heart health. If LDL cholesterol levels decrease then this can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders so that the heart becomes healthier.

5. Control blood pressure

The body needs normal blood pressure which is not high and not low. High blood pressure (hypertension) or low blood pressure (hypotension) are equally unhealthy. Both can make the body sick and trigger other diseases.

Cabbage plants, especially those in red, contain anthocyanins which can make arteries more palpable so they can lower blood pressure. The benefits of this one cabbage are also closely related to heart health.

6. Maintaining bone health

Bone health is very important for the body. Bone functions to support the body's structure, move and protect the soft internal organs. Thus, bone health must always be maintained.

You need to consume cabbage because the benefits of cabbage can be to maintain bone health. This is due to the content of calcium, magnesium and other minerals in the cabbage.

Minerals are micronutrients that have the benefits of closely related bones. Consumption of cabbage can prevent osteoporosis.

7. Improve brain health

The brain is the body's vital organ that plays an important role in the body. All commands for the body come from the brain.

Without an optimal brain, good productivity will be difficult to materialize. Therefore, consume cabbage vegetables to support your productivity.

Benefits of cabbage can improve brain health. The content of iodine, anthocyanin, and vitamin K in the cabbage can affect nerve work which is important for thinking and concentration.

Intake of cabbage can prevent Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, and dementia.

8. Prevent cancer

Cancer must be prevented before attacking you. You can prevent various types of cancer by eating cabbage.

The benefits of cabbage can prevent prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, and others.

In the cabbage, there is a very high content of glucosinolate. This glucosinolate content has anti-carcinogenic properties which can destroy free radicals in the body.

This can also prevent malignant tumors from appearing which often become cancerous.

9. Prevents cataracts

Cabbage vegetables contain beta-carotene through the vitamin A content in it. Beta-carotene is very good for vision.

Therefore, consume cabbage because the benefits of cabbage can improve eye health and also prevent cataracts.

10. Caring for the skin and face

Healthy and beautiful skin and face are desires for everyone, especially women. No need to go to a salon or use various types of beauty treatments. The benefits of cabbage can treat your skin and face very well.

Various types of ingredients in cabbage such as antioxidants, sulfur, and anthocyanin have an important role in skin health and beauty. This content can overcome signs of aging such as wrinkles, spots, and others.

In addition, the efficacy of cabbage can also be used to overcome and prevent acne. The effect of the cabbage is to dry out the zits so that fast pimples can be overcome. This is also due to the antibacterial properties of cabbage.

11. Caring for hair

In addition to maintaining healthy skin, the benefits of cabbage can also be used to maintain the health and beauty of hair. The sulfur content in cabbage can help overcome dry and fall hair.

Its antioxidant content can help hair growth. Cabbage can also make hair healthier and smoother and shine. You can use cabbage juice as a hair mask to treat your hair.

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