10 Easy Ways to Predict Baby Gender

One question that is often directed at pregnant women is the sex of the fetus they contain. Of course, this question cannot be answered by pregnant women if their age is 16-28 weeks old.

However, if you want to know the sex of your child immediately, you can use a baby sex calculator.

Baby Gender Calculator

You need to know that the notion of 'calculator' to determine the sex of a fetus is not always related to a specific tool or application, but this is related to how to calculate and use certain simple tools. How do you calculate it?

The calculation method is based on the age of the pregnant woman plus the month of birth plus the month of conception (conception).

This calculation starts 14 days after the first day of menstruation. This theory says, if the numbers produced are even, then the sex of the female fetus, if the number is odd, then the fetus is male.

In addition, pregnancy calculators in the sense of a tool or application that can be used are Pregnancy Calculator and Calendar, Pregnancy Due Date & Fertility Calculator Tools, Pregnancy Calculator or application via the web.

After you use a baby gender calculator or pregnancy calculator, speculation usually starts to appear to guess the sex of the baby, ranging from a few habits to the foods consumed by both men and women.

Practical Sex Prediction for Babies

In addition to using a baby sex calculator, you can do several ways to test the sex of a baby without ultrasound, as reported by Mom Junction, the following:

1. the mixture between drano and urine Test

Mix two tablespoons of drano (liquidam germicide) with morning urine on a glass jar. Pay attention to smoky chemical reactions. If the mixture turns brown, that's the sign of a boy. If the mixture doesn't change, that's the sign of women.

Sometimes, the mixture can be yellow or blue because of a mixture of urine and dangerous chemicals. It is recommended that pregnant women avoid this chemical reaction.

2. the garlic test

The prediction of the sex of this one baby is quite easy, only eating garlic. If your skin smells for a long time, you will have a son.

If you don't smell at all a few days later, then you will have a baby girl. Even so, there is no scientific data that proves this way.

3. baking soda Test

Take urine in a transparent cup, then sprinkle with two tablespoons of baking soda. If the mixture is sizzling like soda, you will have a boy. If it doesn't hiss, that means you will have a baby girl.

4. the red cabbage Test

Small red cabbage slices and put in a bowl. Pour boiling water into a bowl of pieces of red cabbage to soak the cabbage. Leave for 10 minutes.

Pour the water into a transparent glass. Then add a few drops of your urine. If the color turns purple, you will have a boy. If you turn pink, you will have a baby girl.

5. Ring test

This one method has been popularized by young girls who get tips from parents. All you need to do is tie the rope to the ring. Hang a ring on your stomach by asking a friend or holding it yourself. If the ring moves both directions like a pendulum, it's a boy.

If the ring is circling Circularly, it is a baby with a female sex. Even so, this method cannot be scientifically proven.

6. Acne Test

If you have a baby girl, then the baby "steals" all your beauty. That is why some pregnant women become more dull, have pockmarked skin, or have pimples while pregnant.

If your skin remains smooth, then you will have a son. Even so, this method cannot be scientifically proven.

7. Chinese calendar

The way to predict the sex of a baby that can be used is to use the Chinese calendar table. Before using the gender table, a woman must know the fertile period or the last ovulation period. Fertility is known from the first day of menstruation ends.

In addition to the time of ovulation, to read the sex table is also needed for the age of the mother when she starts pregnant or ovulating. That way, you can just start reading it. It is a Chinese calendar table that you can use.

As shown in the picture, this gender table or Chinese calendar table can be seen by drawing a vertical line on the conception or ovulation month column, then drawing a horizontal line on the column line of the mother's age when conception occurs. The meeting between the two lines shows the sex of the fetus.

8. Severe morning sickness

A study revealed that women who experience severe morning sickness or hyperemesis gravidarum tend to give birth to girls.

This is because pregnancy hormone levels that trigger morning sickness tend to be higher in mothers who are pregnant with a baby girl.

However, this cannot be used as a reference for determining fetal sex accurately, because a woman who is pregnant with a baby boy can also experience severe morning sickness.

9. Pay attention to your partner's weight

The way to test the sex of a baby without an ultrasound is then very easy. The weight gain in pregnant women is healthy and normal, but does your partner also gain weight? if yes, you might have a baby girl.

Meanwhile, some cultures believe that if the father also experiences morning sickness, the sign is pregnant with a boy.

10. Observe your face

Does it feel like your face is getting rounder every day? If so, according to traditional Latin American beliefs, you are likely to have a daughter.

If your face does not change, but your back or buttocks grow big and round, you will have a baby boy.

However, in the end the best results for seeing the sex of the fetus are through ultrasound, amniocentesis tests, chorionic villi examination (part of the placental tissue where DNA is present), and the mother's DNA test.

In addition, the position of the baby during an ultrasound examination is the most important aspect in detecting sex.

Therefore, if you only use a baby gender calculator or gender table - to determine whether your child is a girl or boy for sure, that might still be incorrect.

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