Early Diabetes Symptoms That You Need to Know!


Most early diabetes symptoms are related to the higher levels of glucose in your blood. However, the warning signs of this issue can be very mild that you barely notice them especially when it comes to type 2 diabetes. Luckily, there are several common symptoms that you can learn to be more aware of this problem.

Early Symptoms of Diabetes That Commonly Occur

Both types of diabetes have several similar warning signs. Most of them will experience fatigue and hunger that is more intense than normal. It happens when your body does not produce enough insulin or your body cells resist the insulin. Other than that, here are a few diabetes symptoms that you need to know.

Being Thirstier and Peeing More Often

Normal persons commonly need to pee between four to seven times in a day. However, those with diabetes may need to go a lot more. This is because when your blood sugar increased, your kidneys may not be able to deliver it all back in. As a result, the body makes more urine than before.
Then, you will have to go more frequently. Since you need to pee out more, it is possible that you get thirstier as well during the day. In this case, if you drink more liquid, you will end up peeing more too. This is one of the most common diabetes symptoms that many people have experienced.

Itchy Skin and Dry Mouth

Since your body is utilizing fluids to produce more pee when you got diabetes, there will be less moisture for other things. As a consequence, you will get dehydrated and feel that your mouth and skin dry. When your skin is dry, you may end up experiencing itchy skin as well.

Blurred Vision

Another one of the most common early diabetes symptoms is blurred vision. Transforming fluid levels in your body because of diabetes can construct the lenses in the eyes swell up. At this point, the lenses may change in shape and lose their capacity to focus. Then, you will feel like your vision gets blurry.

Other Symptoms of Diabetes

The last, there are some other symptoms that may occur to someone with diabetes. Yeast infection is one of the symptoms that can happen in both women and men. Slow-healing cuts or sore and numbness or pain in legs or feet are the other diabetes symptoms that commonly occur especially in diabetes type 2.

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