Essential Facts about Diabetes Pregnancy That You Need to Know

Diabetes pregnancy is one of the critical things to be watched out especially for women during their pregnancy. It is no doubt that diabetes is a serious health problem that happens when your body cannot control the amount of glucose properly. For women, diabetes is such a common medical complication for the period of pregnancy.

5 Essential Facts about Diabetes during Pregnancy

Diabetes can happen to anyone during pregnancy. If you have experienced this issue beforehand and plan to have a baby, it is recommended to get your blood sugar levels to the normal stage prior to your pregnancy. Now, to learn more about this health issue, let’s learn the top five important facts about it.

You can still have a healthy baby

 If you ever thought that having diabetes pregnancy stops your dream to deliver a healthy baby, you should find more information about it. In fact, women with diabetes can still have a fit baby with help from doctors and do some things to control blood sugar. You just need to focus on managing the level of your blood glucose.

Gestational diabetes is a different case

 Different from those who have already had diabetes either type 1 or type 2 before pregnancy, there are women who have no history of diabetes end up getting their blood glucose increased after getting pregnant. This condition is what is called gestational diabetes. This kind of diabetes pregnancy can happen to anyone too.

Gestational diabetes usually goes away after delivery

 In most cases, those who got gestational diabetes will find that diabetes goes away right after delivery. If not, diabetes is then called diabetes type 2. Even though the problem goes away after delivery, half of those who got gestational diabetes typically develop diabetes type 2 in the future.

Exercise and a healthy diet may help

 Diabetes pregnancy can be treated by practicing good exercise and eating a healthy diet throughout the pregnancy and after delivering the baby. When you had gestational diabetes, you will be suggested to continue your healthy lifestyle in order to prevent the development of diabetes type 2 after the pregnancy.

Breastfeeding can lower diabetes risk in newborn

 There are some negative health risks to the baby when its mother has diabetes during pregnancy. To prevent them to happen, you need to do your best managing your blood sugar levels, exercising, and prioritizing proper nutrition. Then, breastfeeding is suggested to lower the risk of diabetes in a baby when you have diabetes pregnancy.

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