10 Ways to Get Rid of Panda Eyes Quickly and Naturally

Panda eyes or dark circles are very disturbing appearance. Panda eyes make the face look tired and not fresh.

Sometimes makeup can't be a solution to cover it up. Come on, find out the cause of the emergence of pandas and how to remove the following panda eyes!

Causes of Panda Eyes

Panda eyes don't form just like that, but there are many factors that might influence them. The causes of pandas in each person can vary.

Here are some of the most common causes of the appearance of pandas:

1. Descendants

Panda eyes can arise due to genetic or hereditary factors. There are several conditions in the eyes of pandas appearing at a young age and then disappearing over time.

But not infrequently also the more clearly visible. The cause of this one is likely to make the panda more difficult to remove.

2. Certain health conditions

Panda eyes can also be caused by certain health conditions. One of them is like a thyroid disorder which can cause the lower part of the eye to blacken.

In addition to thyroid disorders, dehydration can also be the cause of the formation of pandas.

3. Exposure to excessive sunlight

Excessive sun exposure can also cause the appearance of pandas. Sunlight causes hyperpigmentation of the skin by increasing the production of melanin in the skin.

This is what makes the skin darker, including the lower part of the eye.

4. Eye strain

The tension in the eyes can be caused by eyes that are too long to see a cellphone screen, television, or computer screen.

As a result of the eye tightening, the blood vessels around the eyes enlarge and trigger the formation of a dark circle.

5. How to clean the wrong face

The cause of other panda eyes is because of how to clean the wrong face. Rubbing your face too hard at the bottom of your eyes can make your eyes black and even wrinkle faster. The lower part of the eye is quite sensitive, so it must be cleaned more gently.

6. Aging

Panda eyes can also be a sign of aging. As we get older, collagen production decreases and the skin's elasticity also decreases and the skin becomes thinner so that pandas form.

7. Wrong sleep patterns

The formation of pandas is closely related to one's sleep patterns. Too much sleep or even lack of sleep can trigger the formation of pandas.

A body that is too tired can also make the skin duller and the lower part of the eyes blacken.

Ways to Getting Rid of Panda Eyes

Basically how to get rid of pandas must be adjusted to the cause. After knowing the cause, then we can find a way to get rid of pandas quickly.

Eliminating pandas can also be helped by natural means. Here are various ways to deal with pandas naturally that you can try!

1. Tea bags

Using teabag is one way to get rid of panda eyes naturally. Use a green tea bag dipped because the antioxidant content in green tea is higher.

Store the wet tea bag in the refrigerator for a few moments, after it has cooled under the eyes for 15-20 minutes.

2. Cucumber

Just like a cold tea bag, cucumber also gives a refreshing effect so that it can be used as a choice for eliminating pandas.

Also, use cucumber slices that have been cooled. Besides removing dark circles, cucumbers can also make the skin moister.

3. Cold Spoon

How to deal with pandas can then use a spoon that has been cooled. This one method is fairly practical to do if you want fast results.

This method is also quite effective but does not provide other good effects on the skin besides refreshing.

4. Olive oil

The ability of olive oil to treat skin does not need to be doubted. Olive oil can also be an option for removing pandas. Apply olive oil to the bottom of the eye before going to bed.

5. Tomatoes

Another natural ingredient that is no less good for dealing with pandas is tomatoes. This one fruit is known for its ability to brighten the skin.

Use cold tomato slices under the eyes for 15-30 minutes, do it every day for maximum results.

6. Almond oil

Besides tomatoes, another natural ingredient that is brightening is almond oil. You can also make this one natural oil a choice of ways to eliminate panda eyes naturally. The high content of vitamin E in this oil can also help increase skin moisture.

7. Rosewater

Rose water has many benefits for the face. The ability of rose water to refresh the face can also be ascertained, considering that this natural ingredient is often used as a toner.

Store rose water in the refrigerator, then use cotton to compress the bottom of the eye using the rose water.

8. Coconut oil

In addition to olive oil and almonds, oil that is no less good for the skin is coconut oil. How to get rid of pandas using coconut oil just like using olive oil and almonds.

You can apply it directly at the bottom of your eyes before you go to sleep.

9. Aloe vera gel

The way to deal with the next panda is to use aloe gel. This one plant is known to moisturize the skin to prevent aging disorders.

Aloe vera gel can also be applied to a sleeping mask, like natural oils mentioned above.

10. Improve sleep patterns

Doing various ways to get rid of pandas may never be effective if it is not accompanied by an improvement in sleep patterns.

It's best to leave the habit of staying up late because it can cause pandas to appear in just one night.

There are several ways to get rid of pandas quickly and naturally. The above method must be done consistently to get maximum results.

If it doesn't work too, you should consult your doctor to find out the cause of the formation of the panda.

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